Grain Sack Chic

If you’re a devotee of the French Country Style you needn’t take a trip abroad to find authentic materials for your home or online shop. Get to the Antique & Home Show at the Lincolnshire Showground this Spring and discover a variety of genuine French hessian grain sacks and puy lentil sacks, turned into stylish cushions!

Dealers David and Jane Gratton, have lived in rural France for almost a decade. Home renovators and champions of the French Country Style, they frequent French flea markets hunting for vintage finds. They’re selling the grain sacks, which were found hanging in a mill in the Burgundy Region, for as little as £10 each in their original form, or cushion covers from £45.

Vintage Indian Hessian

Hessian was first exported from India in the early 19th century. The dense woven fabric is breathable and resists condensation and associated spoilage of the contents. The French ceased using sacks for carrying grains in the 1960s, but the discarded packaging has found a new purpose in the material world of shabby chic.

Owing to the durability, open weave, naturally non-shiny refraction and coarse texture the sacs can be worked into many upholstery projects; blinds, chair covers, footstools, pinboards, place mats, shopping totes, darns, patches. Designers have even framed them behind glass to add rustic charm to pub walls and a homely feel to reception areas.

Bulk buying is encouraged at the fair – an economical and creatively sound incentive for any home decorator, retailer, decorator or up-cycling entrepreneur. The best sellers are the Paris’ branded sacs, which provide obvious connections to the historically significant and cosmopolitan city.

For more information, please visit or telephone 07935 305 774.